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Glentauchers Distillery
AB55 6YL
Tel: +44 (0) 1542 860272

StatusActive / Producing
ProprietorChivas Brothers
Water SourceRosarie burn
Stills3 wash stills, 3 spirit stills
Capacity3,400,000 litres of alcohol
Open To Visitors


Built in 1897 by James Buchanan and W.P.Lowrie to contribute whisky for the Black & White and Buchanan blends. Glentauchers is situated next to the Tauchers forest on the road from Keith to Craigellachie. The distillery went through a large refurbishment in the mid sixties with a new stillroom built and four new stills added increasing them to six. The distillery was mothballed in 1985 by United Distillers and faced closing down permanently. Then in 1989 Allied Distillers secured its future and its spirit for their Ballantines blend. Its capacity is fourth place among Allied distilleries but as it is the only one in full production it is currently the largest producer. Allied Distillers released a 15 year old in 2000 and it has been the only official bottling. Independent bottlers Duncan Taylor and Gordon & McPhail released a few expressions, all from 1990 a few years ago.

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